Frequently Asked Questions

Can I eat while running?

No. This would be dangerous and likely to make you sick or choke. You must consume the whole doughnut at each base before continuing the run.


What happens if I start to feel ill while running?

Stop running and move to the side of the race course. There will be first aid on hand but please try not to be sick where people are running.


What do I get at the finish?

A ‘Doughnut Dash 2017′ medal.


Do I have to eat all 5 doughnuts?

No, but you will only receive a medal if you complete the whole 5k and eat all 5 doughnuts.


How much is it to enter?

Individuals – £16, groups of 10 – £15 per person, groups of 20 – £14 per person.


Do I have to get people to sponsor me?

It is not a requirement but the more money you raise the better!


What’s the closing date for entry?

To be confirmed.


What’s the maximum number of entries?



Will I get a refund if I can’t race on the day?

I’m afraid not. Consider it your donation to this worthy charity.


What should I wear?

Whatever you like as long as you’re comfortable and sensible.


Will there be parking on the day?

Yes, there will be parking in lower castle park accessed from Cowdray Avenue. This will be signposted.


Can I sue if I end up being sick?

No. By registering for the race you are agreeing to take part at your own risk and are aware of the risks involved.